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An Introduction To Online Transfer Money Exchange

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Important Notice:

Without fee will apply to All transactions
10% cancellation fee will be applied.

Please note that after we received your money in our

account takes Three (3) business days for the funding

to appear on the destination account in receive country.

Please; ask when you receive your money.

Rate of your transfer will be calculated or fixed at the time of your online deposit to our account.

After filling out and submitting the form, please send a copy of Two documents certified for example; your Australian driving licence and passport to, then wait to receive a text message or email from us about our bank account or next steps and availability before the order is completed.

Please don’t transfer any money into our account without prior notice. BriskMonex doesn’t have responsibility about any unannounced transactions.

If you would like faster service after fill up the form (receive our bank account details, update rate) or any other questions please contact us at +61 (2) 8040 5273 or or

You agree BriskMonex ( can meet its obligation to report the transaction to AUSTRAC.
List of all businesses registered with AUSTRAC called the Remittance Sector Register can be located via the

If you accept our terms and condition please fill the form and wait for our bank account.


How do I send money with BriskMonex?

You can send money with BriskMonex online, over the phone, or in our app at any time, and the process will take just a few minutes using the follow steps.

Chapter 1: Sign up or sign in

Whether you’re signing in or signing up, it’ll be fast, free, and simple.You can sign up online or via our app. If you’re an existing user, sign in to your account online or through our app, or give us a call if you have questions about your upcoming transfer and want to speak with one of our currency experts.

Chapter 2: Let us know what you want to send

In order to begin the process of sending money to another country, we’re going to need to know what you’re sending, where you’re sending it to, and how much you want to send. We’ll prompt you to enter:

  • Your starting currency (what you have and want to exchange from)
  • Your recipient currency (what you want to exchange to)
  • The amount you want to send

Once you’ve provided this information, we’ll give you the send rate for that pair of currencies.

Chapter 3: Enter your recipient details

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending money to your family, your university, or even yourself. We just need to know where you want to send your money. You’ll want to have the following ready to go:

  • Your recipient’s name
  • Their banking details
Chapter 4: Pay for your money transfer

There are a few ways that you can send us the money for your transfer. Depending on which region your Brisk account is in, we accept payments through the following forms:

  • Direct Debit
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit or Debit Card
Chapter 5: Confirm your transfer

Before you hit “Confirm money transfer”, you’ll be taken to a page where you can review your transfer. We recommend taking one last moment to look through the details to make sure that you’re satisfied with everything. That includes:

  • Currencies
  • Exchange rate
  • Recipient information
  • Timing (when the transfer will be sent and how long it will take to arrive)

Happy with everything? Go ahead and confirm your transfer. After that, all you have to do is…

Chapter 6: Track your transfer and watch it reach your recipient

Your job is done! From this point on, we’ll take care of it. We’ll send you a confirmation after you’ve initiated your transfer and once we’ve sent it. If you want more information on your transfer status, you can track it online or in the app.

Business account

Create a business account online using our secure web platform. Business accounts are currently only available using our website and are not supported by our app.

Registration is a simple process and you can follow these steps:

  1. Head to and click the Get a Free Account button
  2. Give us your email address and select a password
  3. Fill in some basic company information about the business you want to register
  4. Enter your own personal details
  5. Tell us some basic information about how you intend to use the service (e.g, how much money you think you’ll be sending etc.)
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Await approval from a member of our team

How do I open an account?

You need a Brisk account before sending money.
Don’t worry, creating your account is quick and easy.
Register on our website or using our app. It is completely free and only takes 5 minutes.

Why being asked to supply documents

We’re mandated to collect certain documents by the financial regulators .We have a legal obligation to make sure you’re genuinely who you say you are. It’s as simple as that.
The information we gather during the verification process is used to defend the interests of BriskMonex our clients against criminal activities like money laundering and to prevent the funding of terrorist activities.

Open an account

We aim to make registering for your account as simple as possible. You can sign up on our website, our app, or over the phone and the process is usually completed in a few minutes.

You’ll need an email address, your personal details and we’ll ask you to supply some documents to prove your identity and address. Things like how much you’re sending and where you’re sending it from will determine the amount of information we require from you. Here’s a handy checklist of some of the things you might need to open an account with us…

  • A bank account and for businesses an original electronic copy of a bank statement
  • Government-issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or an age of majority card
  • An electronic copy of a utility bill, such as an electricity bill or from a telecommunications company
  • An understanding of the approximate value of your foreign currency trading and transaction needs. These help us recommend services which maximise your return.
  • Keep in mind that all submitted documents must be certified.

How does verification work for business accounts?

We take your security and safety very seriously and, much like with personal accounts, we must verify your business account before approving your registration and allowing you to begin using our services.No business accounts will automatically be approved after registration. We review every application to meet regulatory requirements and to help us identify the best service for your businesses. Expect to hear from us by email or phone shortly after completing the online process to complete the next steps.
How the verification process works can vary depending on factors such as where you’re located, the nature of your business and the amount you’re looking to trade with us. All applications are handled with care and are given full consideration by our team. We may ask for some additional information and documents at this time.Once you’ve completed the registration and verification process, you’re ready to go!

How does verification personal information work?

We gather some information about you in order to prove your identity before you can begin sending money.
Your information can be supplied online or in the app and we’ll check this to confirm your identity using safe and secure third-party verification services.
In most cases these checks are completed in real time. Sometimes we may need to make further manual checks and will request additional information. Brisk Money Exchange as a private financial institution is free to reject or accept all requests and can stop sending remittances for any reason and notify the sender and beneficiary (recipient) and, if necessary, the legal authorities of the country of origin or destination.

How do I avoid delays?

It’s important to us that your money arrives on time and that you know where it is throughout, which is why you can easily track your money in the new app and online.
Here are some things that may slow the progress of your money transfer.
Transfer time
We let you know as soon as we transfer the money to your recipient’s bank, who then credit it to the recipient’s account. Sometimes, this takes up to 3 or 4 days. If you’re concerned it’s taking longer than the estimated payment date, contact us and we can ask the recipient’s bank to confirm.
Payment method
When we receive your money, we settle your contract and send it on to your recipient. When you pay by cards bank transfer, Direct Debit or similar – it depends how quickly you arrange it and if there are any delays in your bank depositing the money in our account.
More information required
Sometimes we need to make additional security checks and that can slow things down. Check your emails for any requests from us for further information. We may ask for proof of ID, source of funds or the legal documentation for changes to details. You can upload copies of these in the website.
Local business hours
Our services are available during local business hours. That means it may take longer for a currency to arrive if you send money near the end of a business day or at the weekend.

I sent my money to the wrong person!

What can you do if you think you’ve sent your money to the wrong person? There’s a few ways you can sort this problem out, but you need to track the status of your transfer before working out how you can fix the issue.
• If we’re still processing your payment or have received your money but not yet sent it, you may still be able to cancel it. Give us a call as soon as possible. The quicker you act, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to help you.
• If your money has been sent then things can be a bit more difficult. At this point your money has successfully been sent and will be in the account you requested. We can’t cancel your transfer at this stage.

What should I do if my money transfer has already been completed?
The quickest way to get your money back is to get in touch with the person who has been sent the money and ask them to return it.
Alternatively, you can call us to place a recall request on the funds. This process would require the approval from the recipient to grant us a debit authority to recall the funds. We cannot enforce this, so you’re relying on the person who’s received the money to assist you.

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