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Important Notice

Without fee will apply to All transactions
10% cancellation fee will be applied

Please note that after we received your money in our account takes Three (3) business days for the funding to appear on the destination account in receive country. Please; ask when you receive your money.

Fix of Rate

Rate of your transfer will be calculated or fixed at the time of your online deposit to our account.

Please don’t transfer any money into our account without prior notice. BriskMonex doesn’t have responsibility about any unannounced transactions.

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After filling out and submitting the form, please send a copy of Two documents certified for example; your Australian driving licence and passport to info@BriskMonex.com

Then wait to receive a text message or email from us about our bank account or next steps and availability before the order is completed. If you would like faster service after fill up the form (receive our bank account details, update rate) or any other questions please contact us at +61 (2) 8040 5273 or http://telegram.me/BriskMonex or info@BriskMonex.com. If you accept our terms and condition please fill the form and wait for our bank account.

Agreement AUSTRAC

You agree BriskMonex (www.BriskMonex.com) can meet its obligation to report the transaction to AUSTRAC.

List of all businesses registered with AUSTRAC called the Remittance Sector Register can be located via the



“General Terms and Conditions for Sending Remittances”

In order to acquaint the esteemed customers with the rules and regulations of sending remittances and in order to expedite the affairs of remittances, the risk-free exchange announces the general conditions of this financial group as follows:

1- BriskMonex exchange group announces that all activities of this financial institution are transparent and committed to comply with all principles and laws, and that all remittances by this exchange are subject to full compliance with the rules and regulations of the countries of origin, liaison and destination of remittance. In particular, the Australian Financial Supervision Authority (AUSTRAC) is hereby informed that the BriskMonex Exchange will send all reports relating to the sending of remittances to the Office (AUSTRAC) in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Government of Australia.

2- Considering that the BriskMonex exchange is fully committed to the implementation of anti-money laundering laws and regulations in the countries of origin and destination and other terms and conditions, in particular the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Guidelines in the Australian Government (Act 2006). Therefore, BriskMonex exchange experts, before sending all remittances, control and review the documents related to each remittance and verify the complete identity of the customer manually and systematically. The sender of the remittance allows the BriskMonex exchange to match the information sent with other official and unofficial sources by sending the information. The BriskMonex exchange will also be allowed to use all available information sources at its discretion to verify its identity.

3- Considering that sending a remittance requires completing the form or official request of the sender and confirming it by BriskMonex exchange experts, each customer is allowed to send a remittance with his ID card, documents and information only to himself as the sender of the remittance ( Person / company) and obviously sending money to others with an unidentified identity and the consequences are the responsibility of the customer.

4- The customer undertakes to fully comply with the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws, if necessary, any additional information about the remittances sent, including additional information about the recipient or sender of the remittance, the purpose of the transfer, documents Provide additional and other required information to a BriskMonex exchange, even after placing an order for an indefinite period.

5- BriskMonex exchange in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Australian Government in the office (AUSTRAC), depending on the amount and conditions of sending remittances to receive identification documents and confirm the identity of individuals and companies, for information on the necessary documents you can refer to the remittance process. See.

6- It should be noted that sending remittances in a BriskMonex exchange will be subject to the monetary transaction laws in the world and designated intermediary countries, and in case of any doubt, it will be prevented. The sender and the beneficiary (recipient) of the remittance are responsible for the accuracy of the information entered in the remittance submission forms and documents sent to the BriskMonex exchange and will be fully responsible in providing the necessary documents including proof of authenticity and legality of funds. Affects payment or refund. In case of any discrepancy, the sender and the beneficiary (recipient), the remittance is obliged to answer to the relevant competent legal authorities and to compensate for any possible damages. In such cases, the BriskMonex exchange will not be responsible.

7- BriskMonex exchange as a private financial institution is free to reject or accept all requests and can stop sending remittances for any reason and inform the sender and beneficiary (recipient) and, if necessary, the legal authorities of the countries of origin. Or inform the destination.

8- BriskMonex exchange for making remittances in the use of individuals and services of intermediary banks / financial institutions in the countries of origin and destination is independent and free of choice.

9- The BriskMonex money changer is obliged to send the complete and approved remittances to the recipient’s account within a maximum of 3 working days if there is no legal or financial problem. Remittance fee is zero for all remittances and remittance transfer rate is offered according to the amount of remittance and user level of their service customers.

10- BriskMonex exchange in order to provide services to dear students in student remittances (by providing evidence of being a student) considers a special rate. It should be noted that registration for conferences in this service includes the presence of one of the BriskMonex exchange staff in the bank, getting a money order and doing a post to the relevant organization, including a $ 40 fee. Also, registration of engineering, medical, etc. associations in Australia to Iranians outside Australia is done using a credit card, which includes a fee of $ 20.

11- It is not possible to make any payment from a BriskMonex exchange for membership in immoral sites or sites whose validity and activity are not approved by our experts, and you are directly responsible for any possible damages resulting from the above-mentioned sites. Is the buyer.

12- It should be noted that you should be careful about online purchases because only your payment is made by a BriskMonex exchange and you must transfer money to the account of the recipient or seller to whom you want the money before sending it. , Have the necessary confidence. The responsibility for any possible consequences lies directly with the sender and the company will have no responsibility for the recovery or referral of money.

13- Sending and uploading the identity documents of the sender and confirmation by the BriskMonex money changer is necessary for the first time, and as long as the authenticity of the above document is valid by the company’s experts, there is no need to resend it in the next remittances, if sending remittances next time. If the previously confirmed document has a problem (SUSPEND) or its expiration date has passed, it needs to be re-uploaded before sending any money. It should be noted that in case of relocation of the address in the Australian states, it is necessary to re-upload the identity document appropriate to that state.

14- BriskMonex exchange according to the privacy laws of individuals and companies in Australia and other countries, is obliged to observe and respect it, and all information, documents and the amount of sending remittances to customers with this exchange is protected and confidential. . Therefore, dear customers, if they need to provide official documents to prove sending remittances to any of the departments or public and private bodies, they can email their request to a BriskMonex exchange office, so that after review by our experts, appropriate action can be taken.

15. It should be noted that the rate announced to the customer is valid up to one hour before the deposit, so the customer must send the payment receipt to the BriskMonex exchange within one hour after inquiring about the price. Otherwise, it has been adjusted, and in this case, a new price inquiry must be made from the exchange office. In case of a difference between the exchange rate at the time of completing the remittance form and the time of receipt of the money by the BriskMonex exchange office, determining the final conversion rate for that remittance is the responsibility of the exchange office. Read the exact mechanism for calculating remittance rates in the FAQ section.

16- After receiving the payment receipt from the customer by the BriskMonex exchange, the remittance rate is fixed and any change in the market rate in any direction (increase or decrease) will not affect the money transfer rate and the BriskMonex exchange after receiving the remittance amount, Regardless of market fluctuations, it will send the agreed amount to the recipient’s account.

17- Sending a remittance requires completing the form and official request of the sender and confirming it by a BriskMonex exchange. To send the first remittance, the sender of the remittance completes the remittance submission forms and deposits the transaction amount to the account specified by the BriskMonex exchange and approved by the exchange. Dear customers, please note that the deposit amount will not be confirmed by the sender until the deposit amount is entered in the bank account of the account specified by the BriskMonex exchange office. It is noteworthy that before the transfer of the remittance to the destination account, the owner of the money is the sender of the remittance, and after sending the remittance by the risk-free exchange to the destination account, this exchange introduces the person or recipient company sent by the sender in the remittance form. Considers the owner of the above funds.

18- It should be noted that if you send money orders to Australia from other places, you should make sure that your account with Australian banks is up-to-date before sending the money order. It is not responsible for returned remittances due to the blocking of customers’ accounts and the possible damages are the responsibility of the sender of the remittance.

19- BriskMonex exchange In many cases in absentia due to the congestion of remittances and facilitating faster detection of funds to the accounts declared by the exchange, to determine the reference number to the customer to enter in the reference section of bank deposit slips. Dear customers, note that the entire amount of the remittance should be paid in one step and by entering the reference number provided by the BriskMonex exchange to the accounts announced by the exchange, sending smaller remittances and not including the reference in the deposit slip will make the remittance longer The possibility of cancellation and damage is 10%, please coordinate with our experts in a BriskMonex exchange if you need to make a multi-step transfer.

20- According to the rules and regulations, the sender of the remittance is the owner of the deposit before sending it to the destination account, so after confirming the remittance, in case of any error in the information provided or discrepancy in the destination account or any bank reason or The law that makes it impossible to deposit money to the destination account, the BriskMonex exchange will return the deposit amount to the sender’s account within 7 working days after deducting the costs and damages (in the absence of legal obstacles). Determining the amount of damage in this case depends on the terms of the remittance with a BriskMonex exchange.

21- In order to send a remittance to Iran, all customers, in addition to having an account number, must provide the account of the desired bank.

22- In case of any mistake in depositing money at the destination, including doubling the mistake to the recipient’s account or any error whose compensation is subject to the cooperation of the recipient, the sender of the remittance accepts responsibility for returning the funds and compensating for the mistake. In case of non-cooperation of the recipient, the BriskMonex exchange has the right to legally report the remittance to the legal authorities as a suspicious remittance and to pursue the matter financially and legally until the money is returned. All legal and legal costs related to compensation are borne by the sender of the remittance or the beneficiary of the remittance.

23- The company will not be liable for delays, errors or omissions in announcing the account number or similar cases that occur on the part of the customer in the transfer process, and our responsibility is limited to correcting the above in the shortest possible time after It is obvious that if a mistake is made by the customer, all follow-up and correction costs will be borne by the customer according to the terms and amount of the remittance.

24- According to the rules of BriskMonex exchange, cancellation of the transfer of remittance and refund of the original amount is done only at your written request, and this can be done only when the remittance is not registered and the payment process to the recipient has not been done yet. In case the sender cancels the remittance before sending money to the destination account, the initial deposit amount will be returned to the remittance sender’s initial account within three (3) working days after deducting the damage (at least ten percent of the total deposit amount). Determination of cancellation damages is the responsibility of the BriskMonex exchange and the customer is obliged to pay it. It is noteworthy that the sender loses the right to cancel, after sending the remittance to the destination account.

25- For the welfare of our dear customers, all conversations of our experts with clients will be recorded, so in case of any insult to any of the employees of a BriskMonex exchange, this exchange, in addition to its right to legal investigation, will be fined 100 Australian dollars or equivalent. Its currency comes from the customer.

26- Requesting money transfer order and confirming the acceptance of all rules and regulations for sending remittances means acceptance of all risk-free exchange terms and conditions by the customer and deprives the customer of any claim in this regard. It should also be noted that all transactions, regardless of the amount of the transaction, are reported to the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Office, according to the information.

27- The customer undertakes that the BriskMonex exchange has no partnership or business relationship except exchange operations (currency transfer) and no cooperation and participation in his financial, commercial and commercial activities anywhere in the world, and this exchange only handles currency transfer operations. Performs according to the order and request of the customer and the rules and regulations.

28- Dear customers, if you need additional information about the terms and conditions of currency transfer, the mechanism of BriskMonex exchange or completing the relevant forms, you need guidance or advice. Contact our consultants on the BriskMonex exchange website or read the answers to some of your questions in the FAQ section of the site.

It should be noted that the risk-free exchange group is exempt from answering during non-office hours and official office holidays.that the BriskMonex exchange group is exempt from answering during non-office hours and official office holidays.